I'm a professional photographer, DP, and film colorist. I have shot for National Geographic, TIME Magazine, MTV, and many small east coast independent film companies. I currently reside in Salt Lake City, Utah and work both locally as well as out of state and internationally.

I've been working in my three disciplines since I was 18. I initially got my foot into the industry shooting research video for Virginia Tech. After a few years of investing the money I earned into gear, I spread my wings as a full time freelancer, pursing the work I actually wanted. Now that's living the dream! My first big commercial gig was filming three regional TV spots for Court TV. After that I eventually grabbed the attention of TIME Magazine and become a regular freelance DP for them covering the DC/VA/MD area. About a year later I made another break and got a small National Geographic gig as a DP filming B-Roll for the show "Dangerous Encounters".

You can view more samples of my work online at this site and even keep up with me via my blog. I've always liked teaching the technical side of cinema and photography, so who knows, you just might learn a thing or two, so check it out!