Close up of a woman's lips

The Details Matter

Whenever I photograph people, I love to get in close, very close. I feel like a portrait that really fills the frame has a stronger impact than one with a looser framing in most situations. For this shoot, the model was very expressive, especially with her mouth. Some of the best images from the shoot don't show her eyes, just her mouth. I think a lot of people forget how important the mouth is in a portrait. Just like the eyes, subtle changes with the mouth can have a massive affect on how the audience perceives the subject.

Immersive Flares

I really like soft, diffused flares when used with images that are heavy on back lighting. There is something about the look that feels a bit immersive, almost like your really there with the subject, and your vision is being affected by the strong light coming into your vision. With contrast manipulation, you can easily tone down, even eliminate, the effect - but I think that's throwing away a great visual element.